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I am getting better :D I’m so happy about it school is stressful and I’m getting kinda bumbed out but I won’t let it ruin things ..

How im doing

i feel like really depressed lately but im trying to get better so wish me luck. my depression meds are not working so i am gonna go to the doctor and get different ones and im also gonna try and see a psychiatrist and talk about how im doing … sounds fun hey.. no . it doesnt but whatever 


I haven’t been on tumblr in forever like .. months … its weird

This picture is creative

This picture is creative

Fuck that shit bitch

Life is so hard :( I quite

silvis-et-sidera-deactivated201 asked: I'll make you tons of cake. Because I love you.

Awe yay :) and we can eat it together and have a jolly time :D I love ya too :)